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We provide our clients with a fully comprehensive range of services designed to cater all their needs. Our team of experts will help you with all the requests you may have while already living in the UK or just arriving.


Relocating to the UK made easy and stress free. Our dedicated team will provide you and your family with full support and assist you with all matters during this period. From finding your dream home or perhaps a per-friendly home to organise the move and helping you to settle in the UK.



Our department of education has a vast amount of experience and years in assisting with private schooling, in addition to a highly successful placement rate, of our clients’ children. We work, directly, with various schools, colleges and universities both in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Deftly, we guide our clients through the mandatory, yet often complex and time consuming process of “selection and application”, prior to the placement confirmation from the desired private school or institute. Furthermore, we can arrange transfers to/from airports, help with accommodation, Visa(s) and medical organisations.


We take the process of headhunting exceedingly seriously, thus guarantee to find household staff, both on a live-in and/or live-out basis tailor fitted to your requisites. Household employees can be provided for permanent, temporary and seasonal positions, both for the United Kingdom and internationally. In addition, LC Supreme offers a sizeable range of security services.


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