Our education department has years of experience in assisting with private education with a high successful rate





summer camps

At LC Supreme, we have handpicked the best and most interesting summer camps all over the UK, to both meet the parents’ expectations and make the summer sincerely unforgettable for the child. With so many options to choose from, simply let one of our staff members know your and your child’s preference and we will be happy to provide you with a list.

Summer camps don’t have to have a sole focus on the English linguistics, offering much more/ Nothing can compare to seeing your child enjoy the things he/she loves, whether it’s drama, art, technology, or indoor/outdoor sports.

private school

Educational consultants at LC Supreme are experts in both the United Kingdom and Swiss private educational institutions. They will provide constructive advice and offer a range of options, aiding you in making the correct educational choices, all based on individual student needs and academic goals.

Our team will not only help you to get in to the right / unerring establishment, but will support and build a relationship, between the student, parents and the school. 

* We also offer a range of packages below.

* We will recommend a law firm to cover all immigration matters.


Our team will help you pick the right University. We will prepare all necessary paperwork for your application and guide you through the process for undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

  • Foundation degree
  • Bachelor degree
  • Pre-Masters
  • Masters 
  • MBA
  • PhD
  • Executive training
  • Professional courses

* We will recommend a law firm to cover all immigration matters.


£ 1000 + VAT
  • Provide full information on getting into education in the UK
  • Provide a list to choose from (boarding school, college or university)
  • Provide full information about documents needed to study in the UK
  • Assistance with additional documents such as motivational letter, CV etc
  • Check all the documents and application to chosen school, college or university
  • Create online account at university online portal
  • Prepare for an interview (test)
  • Assistance to fill-in a CAS form and obtaining enrolment documents


£ 3200 + VAT
  • Assistance with travel and transfer arrangements
  • Assistance with choosing accommodation
  • Assistance with university registration and obtaining a student ticket
  • Registration with Police
  • Registration with Health Services (Private GP)
  • Assistance in obtaining NI number (required to work in the UK)
  • Assistance with bank account opening
  • Instructions on how to use online banking
  • Provide a local SIM card
  • Provide online consultation at every stage
  • Attend parents evenings and school visits


£ 7500 + VAT
  • Personally accompany the student to register with Police, Health Services and open a bank account
  • Personal custodian for the 1st year (how to write assignments, online library)
  • Extra help 2-3 times a week (for 30 minutes per session)
  • Emergency response 24/7 (police, hospital, accommodation and other issues)
  • Organise relocation with moving company
  • Lifestyle in London (events, clubs and things to do)

Some arrangements can be added to the “Standard Package” for an additional fee:

  • help with accommodation (£1250)
  • airport transfer (give us a call to find out)
  • consultation for 30 mins (£125)
  • children’s’ camps £250 (discount for a group of children going to the same camp)

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